Viterna By Laila Bagge My ZMA 90 kapslar

Viterna By Laila Bagge My ZMA 90 kapslar
Kategoriat: Hivenaineet, Magnesium
Brand: Viterna
Color: Multi
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Viterna My ZMA By Laila Bagge is a vegan Zinc and Magnesium mixture developed together with Laila Bagge. Zinc and Magnesium have become a very popular dietary supplement that significantly improves sleep and recovery. Zinc contributes to normal protein synthesis and magnesium to a more restful sleep thanks to the property of improving the function of the nervous system. In today’s society, everyone is chasing better and deeper sleep in order to cope with everyday life. Viternas ZMA has in addition to a balanced amount of Magnesium and Zinc, extra added Vitamin D3 and B6, L-Theanine, Chamomile extract and Lemon balm which can improve your sleep and recovery even more.Recommended daily dose: 3 capsules about 1 hour before bedtime. For best effect, take them on an empty stomach. Viterna By Laila Bagge My ZMA 90 kapslar