Philip B Weightless Travel Pack

Philip B Weightless Travel Pack
Kategoriat: Hiustenhoito, Shampoo
Brand: Philip B
Size: 255
35.17 EUR 46.9 EUR

A must-have travel set that includes 2 great shampoos, our most acclaimed Peppermint Avocado and our new Weightless Volumizing and our light weight conditioner and detangler that gives your hair amazing volume and body. Plus an air-light conditioning mist that lets you spray on hair-healthy moisture, restoring bounce and smoothness while leaving your hair with a healthy gleam.WHAT IT IS: Infuse hair with weightless botanical moisture for extra body and lushness. Gently shampoo away dirt and debris particles, without stripping hair of essential moisture.Our Peppermint Avocado Shampoo clears away scalp oils and styling product residue to get your hair and scalp super-clean without stripping. Stimulates circulation; leaves even troubled scalps refreshed. Condition hair with a weightless ultra-light detangler that zeroes in on damaged areas, and finish with featherweight moisture to keep hair smooth, healthy and gleaming.- A perfect daily shampoo and conditioner for the whole family: Filled with healthy, good-for-you botanicals, the mild lather gently lifts away oil and product build-up while preserving essential moisture.- Active botanical agents (Rosemary, Sunflower, Aloe) condition and detangle without weighing hair down.- Infused with Magnolia Flower, which gives our Weightless Shampoo and Conditioner their fresh, happy scent.- Moisturizers that hydrate, smooth and illuminate hair, bolstering it with a protective coating that’s light as air.- Color and keratin-treatment safe.60 ml + 60 ml + 60 ml + 75 ml Philip B Weightless Travel Pack