Nouvelle Espressotime 10 Min. Hair Color 7 Blonde

Nouvelle Espressotime 10 Min. Hair Color 7 Blonde
Kategoriat: Hiustenhoito, Shampoo
Brand: Nouvelle
Color: Blond
Size: 60
2.17 EUR 2.9 EUR

ESPRESSOTIME is the fastest hair coloring ritual on the market.10 minutes haircolor is an innovative, fast and permanent hair color cream that in just 10 minutes guarantees perfect white hair coverage, shine, easy application,excellent skin comfort and long-lasting color, reducing by 70% the time needed to color hair. VEGAN formula enriched with coffee and ginseng, with protection, hydration and antioxidant factors. Available in 20 shades, that can also be mixed each other. Low ammonia content.Instructions: in a non-metallic container, mix 60 ml of ESPRESSOTIME 10 minutes Color + 60 ml of ESPRESSOTIME Developer. Apply evenly on white hair, leaving on for 10 minutes. The right color application is: 10 minutes for the application and 10 minutes of setting time. Do not exceed 10 minutes of setting time. After the setting time, emulsify with water and rinse. We recommend proceeding with a specific shampoo for colored hair such as Nouvelle Color Glow shampoo and with Espressotime Color Block spray conditioner. After the color, it is suggested to use Espressotime Stain Remover to remove any color stain form hairline/skin.To make a perfect white hair coverage, please follow the indications reported on the white hair % chart.60 ml Nouvelle Espressotime 10 Min. Hair Color 7 Blonde