Long4Lashes Hair Shampoo 200 ml

Long4Lashes Hair Shampoo 200 ml
Brand: Long4Lashes
Size: 200
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Shampoo strengthens weak and brittle hair as well as prevents its loss caused by hormonal and genetic changes, fatigue, stress, unbalanced diet or external factors. It formulation contains Tetraxidylum – an innovative ingredients complex which nourishes hair follicles and prevents its falling out, while stimulating microcirculation. Allantoin soothes irritations and calms sensitive scalp. Shampoo visibly improves hair condition, reduces brittleness and gives it vitality and shine. How To Use:Apply the shampoo to wet hair, delicately massage in your scalp for about one minute till foaming. Leave the foam for a few minutes, then rinse off thoroughly. Anti-hair loss treatment is greatly followed up by the Anti-hair loss strengthening conditioner as well as the LONG4LASHES Serum stimulating hair growth. 200 ml Long4Lashes Hair Shampoo 200 ml