Kent Brushes Kent Salon KS05

Kent Brushes Kent Salon KS05
Kategoriat: Hiustenhoito, Shampoo
Brand: Kent Brushes
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KS05 is a large paddle brush with soft, thin spikes that have rounded tips so as not to damage the hair or scalp. It can be used both for detangling and blow-drying, especially good for smoothing blow-drying. Medium to long hair. The brush is heat resistant. The brush is delivered in a nice black case with a zipper.Cleaning:It is strongly advised not to use strong chemicals to clean the brush. To clean the brush, wash it in water with a little shampoo, rinse and let the brush dry naturally. It is not recommended to use heat to dry the brush, nor to soak the brush for a long time. Possibly. Spray antibacterial spray on to disinfect. Kent Brushes Kent Salon KS05