Kent Brushes Kent Salon KS03

Kent Brushes Kent Salon KS03
Kategoriat: Hiustenhoito, Shampoo
Brand: Kent Brushes
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KS03 is a narrow blow-drying brush which is molded in one piece so that there are no sharp edges that stick out or damage the hair. The brush has rows of boar hair and rows of soft molded spikes that comb the hair, give a nice finish and shine both when blow-drying and styling. The brush is heat resistant up to 150 degrees. The 7 slats shorten the drying time. The brush is delivered in a nice black case with a zipper.For wet & dry hair.Cleaning:It is strongly advised not to use strong chemicals to clean the brush. To clean the brush, wash it in water with a little shampoo, rinse and let the brush dry naturally. It is not recommended to use heat to dry the brush, nor to soak the brush for a long time. Possibly. Spray antibacterial spray on to disinfect. Kent Brushes Kent Salon KS03