Hjärtligt Torrschampo Ljusbrun Kit

Hjärtligt Torrschampo Ljusbrun Kit
Kategoriat: Hiustenhoito, Shampoo
Brand: Hjärtligt
Size: 30
19.6 EUR 24.5 EUR

Hjärtligt’s new dry shampoo is a very volumizing natural and effective dry shampoo.It directly absorbs excess fat and oil in the hair. It is also 100% plant-based, both content and dye. No synthetic dyes, colourings or aerosols.100% aerosol free. 100% plant-based. The ingredients are organic. Packaging in cardboard. Kabuki brush included.Suitable for all people, even the most sensitive.Color: Light brown / brown hair. Feel free to check out the Youtube video for application instructions Dry Shampoo Hjärtligt.30ml Hjärtligt Torrschampo Ljusbrun Kit