Hjärtligt Shampoo 100 ml

Hjärtligt Shampoo 100 ml
Kategoriat: Hiustenhoito, Shampoo
Brand: Hjärtligt
Size: 100
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Hjärtligt® ShampooA non-allergenic shampoo that suits most hairtypes and especially those with scalp problems, since the shampoo acts both caring and balancing. The shampoo makes your hair fresh and shimmering. We use as mild and natural wash surfactants as possible without losing functionallity, yet keeping the product kind towards the environment. We use ecological cold pressed rapeseed oil from Österlen in Sweden to rehydrate and making the hair soft and smooth. The hair gets both luster and shine. The shampoo is lightly perfumed with a fruity scent.Apply Hjärtligt Shampoo in wet hair, a little goes a long way, and work up a lather, rinse well. Then move on to Hjärtligt Conditioner for best results.Produced and developed in Sweden for you and the enironments sake. 100% green and bio-degradable with only green ingredients. Free from: polymers, plastic, parabenes, silicones, mineral oils, artificial colourings, nano particles, hormone interferring substances, PEG/PPG etc. 100ml Hjärtligt Shampoo 100 ml