Ecooking Hair Mask 300 ml

Ecooking Hair Mask 300 ml
Kategoriat: Hiustenhoito, Shampoo
Brand: Ecooking
Size: 300
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HAIR MASKFast-acting, effective, and moisturising hairmask that repairs and protects your hair. When you need to nurture your hair with shampoo,hair mask, and conditioner it takes time. Especially, ifyour hair mask is time-consuming.Therefore, our Hair Mask is different! It quickly repairsand smooths damaged hair, and then it is - as severalof our products - multifunctional: it works as both amask and a conditioner. So, after it has provided deepnourishment for your hair, it seals the hair strands likea conditioner usually does. In this way, you can saveboth time and water.Hair Mask is rich in protecting, moisturising, andnourishing ingredients such as organic coconut oil,provitamin B5, and natural mango butter. Whilecoconut oil and provitamin B5 keep hair moisturised,the natural mango butter strengthens the hair follicleswhich reduces hair breakage and gives you a strongerand healthier hair.Furthermore, the hair mask contains a natural redalga that provides the surface of the hair with aprotective layer. This protects your hair from UV raysand pollution. The alga also protects your hair fromthe ’stress’ it experiences during dyeing or toweldrying.Hair Mask has a lovely scent of flowers, green leaves,and a twist of citrus.Vegan, dermatologically tested, and without SLS &SLES.Hair Mask contains e.g.:• Organic coconut oil that protects hair and keepshair moisturised. Good for nourishing dry hair.• Natural mango butter that reduces breakage andhair loss by strengthening the hair follicles. Helpsgrow a stronger and healthier hair.• Natural red alga that provides the surface of thehair with a protective layer that protects hair fromUV rays, pollution, and mechanical and chemicalstress. Repairs and smoothens the cuticle if it’sdamaged.• Natural crambe oil, derived from the seeds of theplant Crambe abyssinica. Provides hair with shine,improves hair elasticity, and strengthens the hairfibres.HAIR MASKFast-acting, effective, and moisturising hairmask that repairs and protects your hair.ECOOKING skincare• Natural foxtail amaranth that gives the hair strandvolume, straightens hair, reduces friction, andmakes hair tangle less.• Natural Aloe vera that nourishes and moisturiseshair as well as the scalp.• Hydrolysed wheat protein which is a naturalprotein containing amino acids that revive andsoften hair.• Provitamin B5 which is a vitamin that retains andpreserves moisture.HOW TO USEUse Hair Mask as required. Apply an adequate amountof Hair Mask to towel-dried hair, focus on mid-lengthsto ends. Leave the mask in for at least two minutes.Rinse thoroughly.PACKAGING INFORMATIONDelivered in a 300 ml RPET jar. Ecooking Hair Mask 300 ml