Beardburys Fresh Shampoo 1000 ml

Beardburys Fresh Shampoo 1000 ml
Brand: Beardburys
Size: 1000
28.12 EUR 37.5 EUR

Fresh Shampoo has a refreshing menthol extract and contains thyme and Aloe Vera, for a fresh and clean scalp. Perfect to use, for example after sports. Experience the sensational refreshment and care of Fresh shampoo immediately. Cleansing and hair strengthening with a positive effect against hair loss and dandruff. Stimulates the circulation in the scalp and promotes hair growth. The cooling effects are ideal for itching and dry scalp. Use:Apply to wet hair. Massage in with your fingertips. Rinse thoroughly afterwards.1000 ml Beardburys Fresh Shampoo 1000 ml